Have you ever seen a blinking light or an error code for a gas furnace and wondered what it meant? According to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), such electrical issues are to blame for 40% of breakdowns of home heating equipment. If you have ever experienced a problem with your gas furnace, you are probably aware of how frustrating it can be to try deciphering error codes or flashing lights. 

Error codes are how your furnace talks to you, so you must figure out what the flashing light means and crack the code as you see it. There is a ton of information available on this subject, but it can be challenging to spot which ones are reliable. HVAC experts at Pioneers Heating and Air put together this quick guide to common gas furnace error codes so you can take action at the first sign of trouble.

Most Common Gas Furnace Issues That Generate Error Codes

Different HVAC companies employ specific codes, but all follow a similar blinking light system to indicate an error. Locate the LED light and take note of its blinking pattern. The most typical furnace problems that throw an error code are the following:

No Signal from Gas Furnace Thermostat

The furnace may not receive a signal if your thermostat’s lights are flashing. A loose wire connection or a problem with the wiring in the walls could be to blame for this. Make sure all electrical connections are tight. Even though everything seems to be in working order, you might still require a new thermostat if there is still no signal from it after you have checked the wirings.

No Power

Your furnace is not getting power if there is no light at all. Locate the circuit breaker connected to your heating system in the outdoor circuit breaker box. Reset if it is out and try again. Get in touch with Pioneers Heating and Air right away if the actual breaker has not tripped, but your furnace fixtures are still not producing heat. 

Gas Furnace Flame Failure

Flame failure happens when there is excessive pressure in the combustion equipment due to back-drafting or an oxygen shortage. A professional HVAC repair company can determine whether the flame failure is brought on by clogged filters, a dirty burner chamber or tank, damaged burners, or excessive pressure in your combustion chambers.

Gas Furnace Igniter Failure

Verify that none of the burners are malfunctioning if your furnace is not producing heat. You may need to fix or replace the ignition switch, an electrical component that sends sparks to light each flame if you observe any of them not starting. Your furnace can be stuck if there are no flames, so you urgently need emergency heating repair.

Pressure Switch Issue

A blocked heat exchanger or inducer could cause your furnace’s poor venting. These two elements are essential for ensuring that harmful gasses are expelled from the system. Although you might solve the problem on your own and check to see if your chimney or exhaust is blocked, it is best to seek professional advice if you think either of these could be the issue.

Gas Valve Problem

The insufficient gas pressure inside the combustion chamber can prevent ignition, which lowers temperatures and ultimately alters how efficiently your furnace heats a house. Whether it is brought on by a problem with your pressure control or a carbon monoxide leak, have it checked by professionals at Pioneers Heating and Air as soon as possible.

High Limit Switch/Roll Out Gas Furnace Switch Problem

If you notice that the heat sensors are not operating as well as they should, they may be malfunctioning. These switches keep an eye on the heat exchanger’s temperature to prevent overheating. The heat exchanger’s temperature is too high if the high limit switch is activated. The first thing you ought to do is see if your furnace filter needs to be changed. If that is ineffective, seek advice from a specialist.

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At Pioneers Heating and Air, we know the significant inconvenience a broken furnace can cause. Our team is here to assist, whether you have an error code or merely need a basic tune-up. We offer top-notch furnace repair and installation services to the entire San Gabriel Valley. We also provide full-length HVAC services, so if you need a new furnace, air conditioner, or heat pump, we can help you find the perfect one for your needs. So why wait? Contact us today for all your HVAC system needs!

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