If you manage the HVAC at your residence or place of business, you know how these systems need to be well-maintained to function properly. Winter can be particularly difficult for an HVAC system as many different components can fail. Fortunately, you can resolve most HVAC issues without hiring a professional technician. The first step in solving the problem is finding the problem. Listed here are some of the most common HVAC issues and easy-to-follow solutions.

Malfunctioning HVAC Thermostat

Check your thermostat first if your central heating or air conditioning system is not performing as it should. A little issue with your device’s settings may significantly impact how comfortable you are. Thermostat problems are often easy and inexpensive to fix.

When low batteries ultimately run out, the thermostat will stop working, and the heating or cooling system will not work. Your system cannot respond to nonexistent temperature commands. You should be able to replace the batteries with fresh ones yourself because the process is fairly straightforward. Check your thermostat user manual if unsure how to do it.

Ensure your system receives accurate and current information by checking the settings on your thermostat and familiarizing yourself with the instructions. Check your thermostat’s instructions for calibration steps and do a quick calibration test.

Clogged HVAC Drain System

HVAC systems produce moisture as a byproduct. Condensate produced by air conditioners passes through drain pipes before flowing outside. Leaks (or even minor flooding) may occur if the drainage system gets blocked or damaged by algae and biological growth. 

Use a wet vacuum to remove any standing water if your drain pan is constantly overflowing, then check it for cracks or holes. If there are tiny cracks, use a water sealant solution. Change the air filters in your home every two to three months, as leaking also results from dirty air filters forcing coolant to build up.

Tripped Circuit Breaker or Blown Fuse

A tripped circuit breaker or a blown fuse may be to blame if the heater or air conditioner will not turn on or operate with a limited capacity. Troubleshooting and repairing these problems are both rather straightforward.

Look for a metal box flush on the garage or basement wall. A circuit breaker box will have a row of switches, while a fuse box is where you see a small glass or ceramic device that screws into a threaded socket like a lightbulb. From here, determine which circuit or fuse your HVAC system is powered by. Fuses that have blown are hazy and have a broken metal line inside. A circuit breaker that has tripped will switch to the off position. Replace the fuse with one that has a similar amp rating, or turn on the circuit breaker.

Reduced HVAC Efficiency

Is your indoor temperature not in line with the temperature outside? Does your heating or air conditioning system struggle to fulfill its cooling or heating duties? Your HVAC system may not operate as efficiently as it once did for various reasons, but blockages are a common cause. Perform the following and see if something works.

Filters should be changed every two to three months since dirty ones obstruct the normal flow of air. Thus, following the manual’s instructions, clean (or replace) every filter connected to your system. Remove any debris from your central unit by going outside. The same goes for your grills, ducts, and vents, as dirty ducts and associated parts can also reduce total efficiency. 

HVAC Repair Near Me

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