Did you know that up to five times as much pollution as outside might be found indoors? Exactly why indoor air quality (IAQ) has become an increasingly hot topic in recent years. Whether you are well aware of it or not, indoor air pollution directly impacts your health. Yet, how do we know when the air in our homes is too unhealthy to breathe?  The most common contaminants are molds, pollen, pet dander, and dust mites. All of which can cause various respiratory problems and allergies. For this reason, air quality testing is vital to keeping your home’s air clean. Let us explain why. 

How Is Indoor Air Quality Testing Conducted?

A qualified indoor air quality inspector assesses the state of your home’s indoor air. This process is non-invasive, takes a few minutes, and can be done fairly quickly. The inspector will take note of anything that seems to be a health concern. These include factors such as high humidity levels or excessive amounts of dust. A professional may also collect samples for further testing to uncover any concerns about volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or mold. Inspecting indoor air quality involves more than just checking for mold or VOCs. A comprehensive analysis, for instance, will also detect radioactive radon and hazardous asbestos particles.

Interpreting Indoor Air Quality Test Results

Analyzing your interior air quality readings can be made easier by referring to the benchmarks set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Three of the most dangerous toxins are radon, carbon monoxide, and formaldehyde. Any prolonged contact with these substances can harm you or those around you. High levels of pollutants like lead, mold, pollen, dander, and dust mites in your home pose health issues. When the levels of certain pollutants exceed average standards, some basic steps must be taken by the HVAC experts. For example, you must professionally remove any paint containing lead. On the other hand, controlling the humidity and moisture in your house is also important to reduce the presence of molds. Finally, through regular cleaning and proper ventilation of the area, you can get rid of other present contaminants.

Benefits of Indoor Air Quality Testing

Routine indoor air quality testing brings a string of benefits, including the following:

Better Effects on Health

Your health can improve drastically by testing and correcting the indoor air quality in your home. By making small changes such as using different cleaning products, providing good ventilation of fresh air, or servicing or replacing old HVAC equipment, you can reduce the risk of respiratory disease, heart problems, and cancer. All of these measures will positively impact your short-term and long-term health.

Improved Comfort

Balanced humidity levels at home is important for maximum comfort. Anything below 30% can cause dry skin, increased colds and viruses, and static electricity. On the other hand, when humidity is too high, it will make the air feel oppressive and humid while also creating an environment where mold thrives. Indoor air quality testing can provide insight into what might be hindering comfort levels so you can take corrective measures.

Lower Electricity Costs and Improved Efficiency

The health of your indoor environment can suffer as a result of inadequate ventilation. This can force the heating and cooling system to labor more, causing an increase in energy usage and, consequently, your utility bill. In addition, regulating how much outside air is let into the building is a good way of reducing airborne pollutants. Yet when those outside temperatures are too hot or cold for comfort, you must rely on your HVAC system. Your HVAC systems take over in balancing the internal atmosphere enough for comfort.

Less Pet and Household Odors

From cigarette smoke to rodent droppings, moldy air, and other pollutants, unpleasant odors can be a real nuisance in homes. Usually, the source of the smell lies deep within your AC ducts. Not only can these odors make your household uncomfortable, but they can also be indicative of more serious health hazards. Keeping the air clean and odor-free is essential for providing family members comfort and an inviting atmosphere for guests.

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