The electric furnace is one heating appliance that is growing popular recently. A furnace is a valuable component of any house or business establishment. It aids in maintaining a suitable temperature for any indoor space. This heating system is especially important during the winter months than any other season of the year. Therefore, choosing a furnace that operates effectively throughout the colder seasons is very crucial.

Do you worry about the total expense of their heating system or want to make sure it remains energy-efficient? Then an electric furnace is an excellent option for you. Refrain from discounting an electric furnace when considering replacing your home heating system. In this post by Pioneers Heating and Air, let us delve into what an electric furnace is.

What Is an Electric Furnace and How Does It Work?

An electric furnace is an HVAC device that uses electricity to heat your home. Like gas furnaces, an electric furnace uses a heating element as its main heat source. But instead of gas, it uses electricity to create warm, dry heat. Therefore, using an electric furnace can be very efficient and can save money on energy bills.

An electric resistance heating element serves as the source in the case of electric furnaces. Automatic ignition and a two-stage blower motor are features that both gas and electric furnaces share. You can be sure that your electric furnace will be just as reliable as a gas furnace. 

Meanwhile, a resistance furnace is essentially a large hair dryer. First, cold air is drawn into the furnace cabinet through a return duct by a blower. The air is then pushed through a heat exchanger, where electric heating elements heat it. Finally, the blower circulates the warm air back into rooms through the ductwork system.

Main Parts of an Electric Furnace

Heating Elements

These are made of metal resistant to electricity, usually a mixture of nickel and chromium. When electricity passes through these elements, the resistance to the current produces enough friction to generate heat.

Electric Relays

Relays, or control relays, are electromagnetic switches that let or prevent the flow of electricity to one or more components. Relays control the electricity going to compressors and blower motors to ensure proper operation.

Plenum Box

A plenum box is a duct-connected enclosed box that is part of a furnace or air conditioner with heater. They are typically found near the air handler of your HVAC system. Plenum boxes are part of the system that heats and cools the interior of your home’s structure.

Electrical Transformer

The electrical transformer adjusts the voltage of an alternating current (AC) to be appropriate for use in your heating system. It uses electromagnetic induction to move electrical energy from one circuit to another.

Blower Motor

The blower motor moves conditioned air from the furnace into the home. After the system has heated the air, the blower motor drives the air out of the vents and through the ductwork throughout the house’s rooms.


Filters are small accessories that keep unwanted matter and particles from entering the furnace. Since they are connected to the ductwork, they also prevent particulates from getting to the other parts of the house.


In an electric furnace, switching on and off multiple heating elements creates heat. The sequencer controls these switches to ensure all elements are used evenly and efficiently.


The thermostat is a device responsible for regulating indoor temperature when the heating elements and blower fan come on and off to keep the interior at a preset temperature. Usually, thermostats are wall-mounted in an open hallway.

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