Commercial HVAC systems are one of the most important elements for a successful business. Data suggests that a fully functioning HVAC system is critical for productivity and the health and comfort of employees and customers. So that is why choosing the right commercial HVAC system for your building is essential. However, with so many styles, brands, and features to choose from, you should not make a decision impulsively. So let this guide from HVAC specialist Pioneers Heating and Air help you find the right HVAC system for your commercial building!

Choosing the Right Commercial HVAC System for Your Building

Choosing the right commercial HVAC system is a big undertaking. First, you have to decide which type of system will work best. To help you make the right decision, here are the types of commercial HVAC systems for your building that you can consider before purchasing.

Types of Commercial HVAC Systems

Single-split Commercial HVAC

Not every business requires a top-of-the-line air conditioning system. For example, a split-AC unit is separated from the main cooling mechanism. These AC systems are ideal for cozy, small offices and shops. However, as your office expands and needs to cool larger areas, you also need to add more units to counterbalance the new space.

Multi-split System

Multi-split systems are larger, more powerful AC units capable of cooling a large area. These more advanced AC systems connect to several smaller, independently cooled areas that can be connected with air ducts. This type of AC is usually reserved for commercial office buildings, restaurants, and other places where air regularly needs to be cooled.

VRF or VRV System

Variable refrigerant flow (VRF) or variable refrigerant volume (VRV) air conditioning systems consist of multiple air handling and cooling units controlled by a single indoor unit. These systems are used in data centers and large buildings to ensure even, precise temperature control throughout the facility.

Variable Air Volume (VAV) System

VAV systems work by varying airflow to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the building. That allows airflow control throughout a building, combining personalized temperature control with the ability to heat and cool individual rooms. VAV systems are ideal for multi-room spaces because users can control different temperatures in different areas. 

Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF)

VRF systems move refrigerants to the zone within a building that needs heating or cooling through multiple VRV units. These complex and highly efficient systems are ideal for large facilities, such as hospitals and schools.

Constant Air Volume (CAV)

CAVs regulate the temperature by maintaining an adequate supply of conditioned air to all areas within the building. Therefore, they are the best option for commercial spaces with high ceilings and large, open spaces like exhibition halls.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps work by removing heat from one location, then transferring that heat to the air ducts of your building, particularly during the winter months. They work best in spaces subject to extreme temperature swings — such as schools and sports facilities.

Commercial HVAC Systems for Warehouses

High Volume/Low Speed (HVLS) Fans

HVLS fans are big and powerful — they alleviate warehouse temperatures by as much as 20 degrees or more. Their large blades make a lot of noise at low speeds, but the cooling effects are worth it.

Evaporative Coolers

Evaporative coolers combine the power of a fan and water to produce an evaporated mist. Then, blowing air through a filter for maximum cooling effect. With this, you can enjoy cool, comfortable air at half the cost of traditional air conditioning. Thus, they are a great way to keep cool and save money. 

Industrial Box Fans

Industrial fans circulate air in warehouses, factories, and large open buildings. This air movement prevents the build-up of stagnant or stale air, which can be hazardous in certain environments.

HVAC Installer Near Me

After walking you through your HVAC options, we help you understand what you need. Now it is time to help you find the right system for your commercial needs. Pioneers Heating and Air is a BBB-rated commercial HVAC company specializing in installing, repairing, and maintaining heating and cooling systems for businesses of all sizes. We offer a full range of HVAC products and services to meet your needs, including commercial heating and cooling products and services designed to keep your business comfortable all year round. From energy-efficient air conditioners to comprehensive maintenance plans, we have the perfect solution for your business. Contact us today to learn further about our products and avail yourself of our services!

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