For people who live in homes with multiple stories, their heating and cooling needs tend to be slightly different than those of people who call a bungalow home. For example, they will tend to require more extensive HVAC systems to meet their needs. 

But can a two-story house have one HVAC unit, or will it need more than a single system? 

Well, the answer is: It depends, but some general rules of thumb can give you a better idea of what’s right for your home (and we’ll share those in a moment).

Some modern two-story homes may be strategically designed to have one HVAC system for both floors. However, most two-story houses tend to require more than a single unit to keep them cool and warm.

What Determines HVAC Sizing for Two-Story Homes?

The following are some of the key factors that can affect the size and type of HVAC system needed for a two-story home:

  • Square footage: As with any home, the size of the two-story house will play a significant role in determining the necessary size of an HVAC unit. The larger the square footage of your Pasadena home, the more powerful and extensive the system you’ll need to regulate temperature effectively.
  • Ceiling height: Taller ceilings can add to the square footage of a home and, therefore, require a larger HVAC system.
  • Insulation: The amount, type, and quality of insulation in your two-story house will play a big role in determining its heating and cooling needs. 
  • Layout: The layout of a two-story house can also make a difference. If the home has an open floor plan, it may require a more extensive HVAC system to cover more square footage. On the other hand, a smaller unit may suffice if it has several smaller rooms.
  • Geographical location: The climate of your geographical location can also affect your HVAC needs. Areas with extreme temperatures will likely require larger and more powerful units than those with mild climates.

Finding the Right Size HVAC System for Your Two-Story Home

This still leaves a lot of questions to answer, and coming up with the right solution on your own can be tricky. But that’s why we’re here! With Pioneers Heating and Air on your side, you’ll never have to worry about finding the right HVAC system for your two-story home in Pasadena.

Our team of experienced professionals understands all the factors determining the perfect size and type of HVAC system for a two-story house. We’ll consider everything from square footage and ceiling height to insulation and layout and your unique geographical location.

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