California summers are all about days of sunshine outside and cool comfort indoors, but it shouldn’t have to come with the fear of huge electric bills. Striking this balance between comfort and acceptable energy costs often comes down to knowing the right temperature to set your AC in the summer. 

It gets so hot in California that, for homeowners, knowing the right number is critical. This is not just for their comfort and safety but also for boosting energy efficiency. After all, your summer air conditioning setting determines your comfort, energy bills, and even how long your AC will last. 

Temperature for AC in the Summer—Optimal Comfort Meets Efficiency

For most people, setting it at 78°F (26°C) at home or awake has proven to be the best mix between comfort and electricity savings. This temperature is comfortable for most people and won’t overwork your air conditioner.

Timing Matters

Set your thermostat depending on the time of day and occupancy of the home. When you leave home or go to bed, increasing the temperature by 7-10 degrees can mean impressive savings on your power bill while still keeping you comfortable when you need it most.

The Price of Setting AC Too High or Too Low

Did you know turning down your AC can spike energy bills and pressure the system, shortening its lifespan? On the other hand, setting it too high may not bring relief on those scorching summer days.

We want you to be comfortable and save money, and we also want your AC unit to keep going strong year after year. That’s why 78°F tends to be the best setting. 

Need More Tips or Help with Your AC?

Deliberately adjusting your thermostat could translate into significant savings and improved comfort levels. Remember, every single bit counts for your comfort and your energy bills!

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