Maintaining a comfortable temperature in your house all year requires a well-functioning HVAC unit. On top of keeping temperatures comfortable all year, an efficient HVAC unit helps improve the air quality in your home by managing humidity and filtering out contaminants. However, you will not enjoy these benefits for too long if you do not have an HVAC maintenance plan. Neglecting your HVAC unit can result in ineffective heating and cooling and expensive repairs in the future. Follow this short checklist from our experts at Pioneers Heating and Air. We have recommendations on maintaining your HVAC system functioning efficiently to avoid potential issues. 

Tips to Keep Your HVAC Unit Running Efficiently

Change the HVAC filter every 30 days

An air filter is an essential component of any HVAC unit. The filter in your HVAC unit does more than just filter indoor particulate matter. Filters also keep dust and other airborne particles out of the HVAC system, minimizing the need for HVAC repairs. Ensure your air filters are not clogged with dust and debris by checking them regularly. To best prevent malfunctions/repairs and improve indoor air quality, it is recommended that you change your filter every 30 days.

Clean evaporator and condenser coils once a year

The coil is the component of your air conditioner that conducts heat from inside to outside. This process becomes less efficient as the evaporator and condenser coils become dirty, leading to your HVAC unit working more than it needs to. Cleaning the evaporator or condenser coil inside and out can assist in keeping a home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. In addition, a clean HVAC unit is more energy-efficient, saving you money in the long run.

Schedule routine cleaning of your HVAC unit

One of the best approaches to keep your HVAC unit functioning smoothly for years is to clean it regularly. Having your heating and cooling system routinely cleaned by professionals can save you a lot of money on costly repairs. How? With professional cleaning, you allow HVAC technicians to spot any issues early in the game and fix them before they become severe problems requiring emergency heating and air conditioning repair. Call us at Pioneers Heating and Air to learn more about our HVAC cleaning services.

Keep debris off the outdoor HVAC unit

Any debris on your HVAC outdoor units can damage them and make it more difficult for the AC to cool your home. Remove leaves, branches, and other outdoor debris from the air conditioner and its surroundings regularly. Another simple approach to keeping the outdoor units debris-free is to keep the number of plants on your property’s perimeter to a minimum. Additionally, clearing the nearby yard or driveway can lessen the likelihood of a leaf storm covering the outdoor units.

Perform energy assessment annually

Performing an energy assessment every year is critical, especially if you have an older HVAC unit. An energy assessment will let you know your energy expenditures and identify long-term savings opportunities. It is best to do this before the start of the season so that you can perform any necessary AC tune-up or repairs before the weather gets too hot. In some cases, upgrading to a more efficient cooling system may be the best option to cut your cooling bills.

Heating and Air Service Near Me

Your HVAC unit is essential for keeping your house comfortable throughout the year. At Pioneers Heating and Air, we are here to help you keep your system running efficiently. We serve South Pasadena and the entire San Gabriel Valley with a wide range of services to keep your HVAC system running smoothly, including air conditioner repairs, AC maintenance, heating services, and more. Do not put off calling us until your HVAC system fails. Make routine maintenance appointments with us to avoid costly issues in the future. We are here to assist you in keeping your home at a comfortable temperature throughout the year. To learn more about our HVAC services, contact us today at (818) 493-8018.

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