Many homes find that an electric furnace is just what they need. After all, it is a cheaper and more energy-efficient way to heat your home. This furnace does not require any chimney or vents during installation, making it easy to install. However, caring for your furnace is crucial for it to function properly. Like any other heating system, you must care for your electric furnace for it to work well and reliably. In this blog, we will highlight the importance of electric furnace maintenance and how to do it.

The Importance of Regular Electric Furnace Maintenance

Regular upkeep is crucial to make sure that an electric furnace works well and safely. Here are some of the advantages:

Energy efficiency

Regular maintenance makes sure that your furnace works as well as it can. It means you will use less energy, so your bills will go down. 



An electric furnace that has not been taken care of can be dangerous. For example, it can cause fires, leaks of carbon monoxide, and other dangerous things. Regular maintenance can help identify and prevent such hazards.

Longer lifespan

Routine maintenance can help your electric furnace last longer and keep you from paying for a new one too soon.

Improved indoor air quality

If your furnace is dirty, dust, allergens, and other pollutants can move around your house. By carrying out regular maintenance, you can ensure your furnace remains clean, and the air quality in your home is optimal.

Warranty requirements

Many makers require regular maintenance to keep the warranty on your electric furnace. So, if you do care for your furnace, you may inadvertantly your warranty.

Steps for Maintaining Your Electric Furnace

Doing the basic steps below can help you so you can have a more reliable furnace in your home.

Switch the power off.

Check if the power is off before working on your electric furnace. To do this, turn off the furnace’s circuit breaker or pull the plug. If you do this, you can safely do any repair that you must do.

Clean the air filters.

Air filters help catch dust, pollen, and other particles, but they clog over time, slowing the airflow and making them less effective. Remember that the best way to clean or replace air filters is to do what the maker says.


Check the blower motor.

The blower motor helps move air through the furnace and into your home. See to it that this component is clean and free of dirt, and lubricate it if you need to.

Inspect the electrical connections.

Pay close attention to how the wires are connected. Make sure they connect well and do not show any signs of rust. Poor or rusty electrical connections can be dangerous and lead to problems like power outages.

Inspect the ductwork.

Check each part of the air system carefully. Look for any leaks, holes, or other signs of damage that could cause your furnace to work less well.

Look at the thermostat.

Inspect the thermostat to avoid potential temperature imbalances and conserve energy. Check it for any malfunctions and ensure it has been calibrated correctly.

Schedule professional maintenance

While you can do the basics, a professional HVAC technician will thoroughly inspect your unit to prevent damage or costly furnace repair.

When to Schedule Professional Maintenance

Below are some indications of a problem with an electric furnace that requires professional attention:

Unusual noises

Unusual noises from the furnace, such as banging, rattling, or squealing, could indicate a mechanical problem or loose components.

Poor performance

Inadequate heat and weak airflow are signs of a blocked air filter, blower motor issues, or ductwork problems.

Strange odors

Strange smells, such as a burning or electrical odor, indicate serious problems like an overheating component or wiring issue.

High energy bills

Sudden energy bill increases could indicate furnace inefficiency and the need for professional attention.

Short cycling

A furnace that short cycles will turn on and off frequently. Short cycling can reduce the service life of your system and increase your energy costs.

Carbon monoxide detector alerts

Is your carbon monoxide detector going off? When this happens, shutting off your furnace and contacting a professional is crucial.

When these signs or other issues arise with your electric furnace, give us a call or schedule a service appointment online.

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