The AC motor is the heart of your air conditioning unit. This component can be found in split systems and window units and is designed to run for many years. However, your air conditioning motor can break down over time like any other mechanical part. When that happens, you will need to replace it. For many of us, the main concern may be the cost of AC motor replacement. The process may seem simple, but different factors can influence the cost of your motor replacement.

Factors That Determine the Cost of an AC Motor Replacement

So what are the factors that can influence AC motor replacement costs? As it happens, there are several of them. To help you better understand this process, our experts listed some of these factors that can affect AC motor replacement costs.

AC motor part that needs replacement

Replacement parts for your AC blower motor can be costly, depending on what you need to replace. The blower motor comprises the capacitor, fan, and electric motor. Depending on the damage, you may only need to replace one component or all three.

Furthermore, the original equipment manufacturer’s brand of replacement parts can cost more than generic aftermarket replacements. Some common reasons for using OEM parts include reduced safety concerns, faster installation, and increased warranty coverage.

The size of the AC motor

One of the most important elements determining replacement cost is the size of the blower motor. Although labor does not differ much based on the motor type, motors can have widely varying price tags. The most typical sizes for residential blower motors, from least to most expensive, are 1/4, 1/3, and 1/2 horsepower. Additionally, less common horsepower blower motors will be more expensive.

The kind of AC motor you need

AC motors come in three different variants with two distinct speeds. Single-speed motors are the cheapest and most durable of the options. Multi-speed versions allow more options to be set by the user. The costliest variant is a variable-speed motor, which offers the greatest control over airflow based on changing needs.

Warranty status

HVAC systems that are still under warranty or have parts for which the manufacturer covers usually require labor. In the current market, a blower motor replacement job costs between $200 and $400 on average.

Diagnostic/inspection fee

Most professional HVAC companies charge an inspection fee to provide a quote, typically $50 to $150, depending on the scale of your job. So to avoid extra costs and get the job done promptly, choose an HVAC contractor that provides cost-free quotes and transparent pricing. A reputable professional should have no issue providing free pricing estimates with no hidden fees, offering customers options for parts and labor.

Season of the year

HVAC companies’ labor prices often increase during the summer when AC systems are more likely to overwork and break down. The demand for air conditioning technicians is higher this time of year, making it difficult for companies to find workers.

Brand of HVAC

Replacing your blower motor will cost more or less, depending on what brand of HVAC system you have. While some systems use cheaper generic parts, they might not perform as well or are not covered by warranties. Among popular brands, Goodman has the lowest replacement cost of $75 to $800, followed by Rheem at $250 to $900. Carrier’s price range is between $100 and $1,600, while Lennox’s costs are between $150 to $1,500.

Air Conditioner Repair Near Me

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