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Air Conditioning Repair Alhambra, CA

Air Conditioning Repair Alhambra, CA

Project Description

Pioneers Heating and Air got a service request for air conditioning repair from a homeowner in Alhambra, CA. They said their AC unit had stopped responding to the remote control. They even tried two remotes in the house, and neither did anything. Our technician diagnosed that the indoor unit’s printed circuit board was not responding to the infrared frequency from their remotes. We removed their indoor AC unit and brought the circuit board back to our workshop for assessment and repair. There, one of the solder joints was found broken. Once re-soldered, we returned the next day to test and determine if the circuit board would function. Everything worked again, and the client could heave a sigh of relief.

The most expensive component of an HVAC system is its printed circuit board (PCB). The PCB is the brain that controls everything in your AC—from the flow and output of refrigerant to the air control. They undergo constant wear and tear, which means that they are also vulnerable to damage or failure. The printed circuit board is essential in saving time and money. Therefore, it is crucial to understand the potential causes of PCB damage or malfunctions to weigh your AC repair options.

What Leads to PCB Damage in an AC?

The common causes of PCB breakdowns include:

Sudden introduction of higher voltage

An air conditioner circuit board operates on alternating (AC) and direct current (DC) voltages. However, sudden surges in current can damage the circuitry when it receives electricity of a higher voltage that exceeds its operating range. Circuits are designed to break or trip quickly when exposed to high voltages, and the level of damage will depend on how long the higher voltage is applied to the circuit.

Incorrect circuit board voltage input

Inputting the wrong voltage into an air conditioner’s circuit board during installation can damage the board. It is a mistake often made by inexperienced technicians unfamiliar with the inner workings of the AC unit.

Electrical failure

An electrical failure mainly causes the majority of circuit board damage. Electrical safety issues with your AC might be caused by overheating, shorted circuits, or corroded or loose wire connections. Frayed and faulty wires can introduce improper voltage and be the main factor in overheating.

Pest damage

Pest infestation on your circuit board can do serious harm. A pest, such as a cockroach or a lizard, may get access to your air conditioner. Its body can short out and destroy your electronics if it comes into contact with the circuit board.

Accidental impacts

Unfortunately, unintentional impacts (such as dropping the unit during the cleaning process) can harm an AC unit’s circuit board and other components, shortening its lifespan and seriously harming its internal systems.

Age of the PCB

Every component has its age limit, and old age is another common cause of PCB damage. Despite being well-maintained, the parts only last a particular period of time. Many electrical equipment components, including one found in HVAC units, become more prone to failure as time passes.

Air Conditioning Repair Near Me

To repair a damaged air conditioner circuit board requires technical expertise. When you need a company to handle all your air conditioning repair and replacement needs, look no further than Pioneers Heating and Air. We provide a full range of HVAC services, including air conditioning repair, maintenance, and installation services to residents throughout the San Gabriel Valley, including South Pasadena. We also offer printed circuit board replacement to keep your home’s AC unit running smoothly. In addition, our experienced technicians are for emergency calls to help you with any repair needs. Contact us today at (626)217-0559 to schedule a free consultation!


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