HVAC Rebates

Receive up to $3,600 Back by Replacing Your Current HVAC System

Now is the perfect time to upgrade your HVAC System! To save money, get tax credits and rebates from city, state, and federal goverment. Contact us to learn how to benefit from these incentives.


Are you considering improving the comfort and efficiency of your home or business? There’s no better moment than now to take the leap and upgrade your HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) system! Not only will you enjoy enhanced comfort and air quality, but you’ll also reap financial benefits.


But that’s not all – you can also take advantage of various tax credits and rebates offered by city, state, and federal governments. These financial incentives are designed to encourage environmentally friendly practices and energy efficiency. When you upgrade your HVAC system to a more efficient model, you may be eligible for substantial tax credits and rebates that can significantly offset the initial cost of the upgrade. These incentives not only put money back in your pocket but also contribute to a greener and more sustainable future.


Act now, and let us help you make the most of this moment to enhance your home or business. Your comfort, savings, and the environment will thank you for it. To learn more click here


We believe in doing it right the first time. Our commitment to quality workmanship and attention to detail ensures that your HVAC systems function flawlessly, providing consistent comfort year-round.


We work closely with you to understand your requirements, preferences, and budget constraints. Our solutions are customized to align with what you need and how much you can spend.


We understand the intricacies of heating and cooling systems. Our technicians are fully trained and certified by the manufacturer to service all major heating and cooling system brands.


Your comfort and satisfaction are our priority. We have an excellent track record of keeping our customers happy with the highest quality products, services, and advice available.

Heating Services

Get Professional HVAC Services in the San Gabriel & Pasadena Areas

At Pioneers Heating and Air, we go above and beyond to suit our customers’ needs. Our technicians can customize the perfect heating and air conditioning system to keep your property comfortable all year. 

Our goal is to ensure you are completely satisfied with your HVAC system by providing high-quality service. We aim to improve the comfort of your home or commercial space while saving you money on HVAC services.

Our air conditioning and heating services include:  

  • Heating, Cooling, and Ventilation Installation
  • HVAC System Repairs and Maintenance
  • Thermostat and Control System Installation
  • Indoor Air Quality Improvement Solutions
  • Energy-Efficiency Upgrades
  • Ductwork Design and Repair
  • Emergency HVAC Services
  • Preventive Maintenance Plans


Roy Morin

“My air conditioning stopped working without any notice. I called Pioneers Heating and Air and got an appointment quickly. They did an outstanding job fixing my air conditioning and told me how to keep it running right. I couldn’t be any happier!”

Thomas Coleman

“After many, many years of service, my old heating system finally broke down. Pioneers Heating and Air replaced the whole system for a fair price. I liked that they gave me a few affordable options for a new system. I now use them for regular maintenance and service. I would recommend them to anyone looking for great customer service!”