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A client in Pasadena, CA, recently had Pioneers Heating and Air install an HVAC UV light in their air handler. Someone in their household suffered from asthma and mold allergies. They heard, from a trusted friend, about the many benefits of HVAC UV light installation. One factor that convinced them is that UV lights could prevent mold spores from growing in the system. Upon filling out the online request form, we scheduled a short visit and installed a coil sterilization light in their air handler. The client was pleased to learn that UV lights can lessen duct contamination and improve air quality. Plus, the plug-and-play UV disinfection units are available in different dimensions and suitable for different air flows. With UV light installed, the household now breathes in fresher air, clean of dust, allergens, and odors while preventing future mold growth.

Ultraviolet (UV) light can kill off mold, bacteria, and viruses that can cause illness and disease. As the technology behind UV light becomes more sophisticated, the field of application is growing rapidly. These days, UV lights are utilized to disinfect the air in heating and air conditioning systems. 

How Does a UV HVAC Light Work

Germicidal UV HVAC lights are designed to free your home from impurities like dust and pollen. This type of air purification produces a germicidal effect on microorganisms, which begins with their DNA. UV-C light strikes the microorganism’s DNA, preventing it from reproducing and spreading airborne illnesses. The result? The lifespan of microorganisms in your air handler is shortened, and they cannot cause harm.

Types of HVAC UV Light Systems

There are two kinds of UV light for AC systems — coil sterilization and air sterilization. You can use both to sanitize coils and vents, but through different means. 

Coil Sterilization Light

Coil sterilization lights irradiate the coils to kill bacteria and germs. This UV air purifier is installed within the air handler close to the evaporator coil. As impurities pass through your HVAC system, the UV-C light sterilizes them to prevent microbial growth on the evaporator coil.

Air Sterilization Light

This type of HVAC air purifier is installed in the return air duct. Air sterilization lights target specific system parts to kill germs and mold. It only activates when your system is running and sanitizes the air before it is drawn into your system. A UV air purifier helps sanitize HVAC parts close to it while it cleans all air traveling through your system.

Other Benefits of Installing UV HVAC Light

Eliminate Volatile Organic Compounds

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are harmful chemical compounds that can greatly impact indoor air quality. They can cause headaches, dizziness, and nausea when used in large quantities or over time. HVAC UV lights reduce VOC levels by breaking down the molecules into harmless gasses.

Boost the Efficiency of Your HVAC Unit

Bacteria and other pollutants can eventually build up on the coils over time. Thus, it prevents adequate airflow and causes your air conditioner to perform poorly or break down completely. Installing a UV light in your HVAC system can help prevent bacterial growth. In turn, that cuts down AC repair costs and improves energy efficiency.

Installing a UV Light on Your HVAC System

You can purchase UV lights and install them in your existing HVAC system through DIY methods. However, having a professional HVAC technician install UV lighting on your system’s evaporating unit is best. HVAC professionals are trained installers who use specialized tools when handling individual equipment. Furthermore, they know fully about the standard heating and air conditioning units, inside and out. All those factors allow HVAC pros to install an indoor air purifier into your system quickly and safely. Thus, delivering clean air immediately into your space at an optimum level.

Heating and Air Near Me

Do you need an HVAC UV light installation service in Pasadena, CA? We at Pioneers Heating and Air are here to help! Our trained and certified HVAC professionals use cutting-edge air purifier technology to purify the air in your home. As a capable partner, we can recommend the best air purifier solution for your home. 

Our HVAC specialists are trained to install and perform routine maintenance on equipment like an HVAC UV light system that removes harmful pollutants from indoor settings. In addition, our air conditioning services guarantee that your home’s heating and cooling systems are operating at their best. So does it work? Contact us today at (626) 217-0559 to schedule a consultation and see for yourself.

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