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HVAC Maintenance San Marino

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Pioneers Heating and Air was called to a home in San Marino, CA, for an emergency AC drain line repair job. The client had noticed that the drain line from their air conditioning system was leaking, which caused water damage to the attic floor. Our team quickly went to work and identified the leak's source. First, we identified the leaking AC drain line and located the damaged portion. After removing debris from the clogged line, we replaced the fittings with new durable ones. Later, we tested the connection to ensure it was tightly sealed against leaks. With reliable parts and correct installation, we provided complete satisfaction to the client. This long-term solution spared the homeowner from further repair costs and property damage.

With all the hot weather that comes with summer, you and your family may be using your AC more and more. Unfortunately, this can lead to sediment build-up in the pipes. That can disrupt normal drainage and clog AC drain lines. When a drain line is clogged or blocked, your air conditioning unit cannot drain the condensed water out of the condenser. In time, this water can cause damage to the condenser, the evaporator, and all of the surrounding components. Thus, it can result in complete unit failure. So how can you spot AC drain line issues before they become major problems?

Signs of Clogged AC Drain Line

Water pools near the indoor unit

You might be unable to tell when your drain line gets clogged until the water overflows. You can put a container under the leak to catch the water, but this is only a temporary solution. Not only will it do nothing to prevent water damage inside your home, but the damage to your air conditioning unit will continue unabated.

Musty, moldy smell coming from the vents

Mold and mildew love humid, wet places. Therefore, an air conditioner with a full condensate drain pan provides an ideal environment for their growth. In such a case, you might start smelling a stale odor from your AC, another sign that its drain line is clogged.

Water damage around the indoor unit

Clogged drain lines can cause water to back up and enter your home. Water damage can come from the smallest leak. Even a slow drip can lead to wet walls and puddles in places they are not supposed to be. It can also create mold in the walls or under floorboards. If undetected, it can cause water damage, even in places you cannot see, like an attic or garage.

AC unit shuts down or does not turn on

When the pan stops draining and fills, this trips a sensor on the indoor air handlers. As a result, the air conditioning turns off to prevent water leakage. When your air conditioning system shuts off and immediately switches back on, it is probably suffering from a clogged drain line.

What Causes AC Drain Lines to Clog?

As your AC unit cools your home, it collects water in a drip pan. This water is then carried away through a drain line. However, this water can cause mold growth, mildew, dirt, and debris to collect in the pan or pipe and clog up your system over time. Furthermore, clogs can also develop from an accumulation of dead leaves and grass, so be sure to clear them away from the unit regularly.

Should You DIY Drain Line Repair?

You may be tempted to try and fix your broken drain line yourself. Yet, unless you have experience in HVAC mechanics, it is best to leave it to the professionals. You may also find a few tutorials online, but attempting to follow them could be risky and end up causing even more damage to your unit. Additionally, some manufacturers void the warranty when unqualified personnel makes repairs. So, take time to review your warranty conditions before attempting any repairs.

HVAC Repair Near Me

Is your air conditioner ready for the hot summer days? If you are in South Pasadena or San Marino, CA, we fully understand the importance of having an HVAC system that runs like clockwork. Pioneers Heating and Air is a BBB-rated provider of high-quality HVAC maintenance and air conditioning repair services. From installation and parts replacement to preventive maintenance plans and emergency repairs, our team of certified technicians will give your system the attention it needs to ensure optimal performance. And better still, we offer discounts for certain services—so call us today to learn more!


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