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A previous client in Torrance, CA, hired us to help diagnose the problem in their HVAC unit. We installed their home’s HVAC system more than six months ago, and the AC unexpectedly stopped producing cold air. We tested the AC unit, and everything looked good from the outside. However, after checking the coils and fan, we found dirt and grime build-up on the condenser coil. First, using a vacuum, we removed all the leaves and clogged dirt from the bottom of the unit. Then, we displaced the remaining debris trapped within their air conditioner’s coil with a pressure washer. Finally, we thoroughly cleaned all the coils with a foaming cleaner. An hour later, the condenser coil deep cleaning was over, and the client’s AC was back up and running at full force. Before leaving, we offered the client to enroll in our semi-annual AC maintenance service, to which they agreed.

Condenser coils in air conditioning systems are usually located outside the home or building. That means they are more exposed to outdoor elements, like dust and other debris. At a very predictable and steady rate, this dirt can build up over time. Therefore, cleaning it once yearly does not make sense since the coil can get dirty pretty fast, depending on your usage. Also, depending on the environment, you will have to clean it more than once a year.

Why Condenser Coil Cleaning Is Important

Condenser coils can have a big impact on how your air conditioner works. Discover why you should clean your condenser coils regularly with the following reasons:

Better energy efficiency

A high-efficiency air conditioner should keep your home cool and comfortable — but it does not hurt to give it a little TLC every so often, too. Studies have shown that neglected condenser coils can decrease unit efficiency by 5% after 15 years and 30% after 20 years. So it is best to regularly clean your coils to ensure you get the most from your AC system.

More costs savings

Dirty air conditioner coils do not operate as efficiently as clean ones. It means that the unit is working harder to keep your home cool, which results in increased electricity costs and more strain on the system. Additionally, dirty coils can eventually result in higher repair costs for homeowners.

Longer service life

HVAC systems can last for at least ten years. However, a dirty condenser coil can force your unit to work overtime and cause accelerated wear and tear on internal components. For example, the refrigerant system is under stress when it takes extra effort to cool the indoor air. That strains the overall system and could make it go out sooner than 10-15 years.

Fewer breakdowns

When you have your coil cleaned during seasonal maintenance, you get a detailed assessment of the health of your system. It will allow you to be proactive and do the repairs before a minor problem worsens.

Improved indoor air quality

Mold and mildew can quickly build up on your air conditioner coils, affecting its performance in cooling your home. Regularly cleaning these coils helps prevent moisture damage, keeping your house comfortable and eliminating the risk of damage from growing mold or other household allergens.

Symptoms of a Dirty Condenser Coil

One of the symptoms of a dirty condenser coil is when your AC loses its cooling capacity and will not blow air as cold as it should be. Another sign of a problem is when your air conditioner runs longer cycles to provide the same level of cooling for your home. Unclean condenser coils disrupt the heat transfer from the outside air to the inside, which usually results in ice crystal formation on dirty coils. In extreme cases, that can damage the AC and cause it to stop working altogether. 

AC Repair Near Me

It can be a major hassle when your HVAC system starts acting up. Likewise, finding a reliable HVAC repair company when AC maintenance is needed is never a fun experience at all. Yet, at Pioneers Heating and Air, we make the process as easy as possible for you. We are BBB-rated and equipped with the latest tools and equipment to get your system up and running like new. Plus, we offer condenser coil deep cleaning services to keep indoor air clean and healthy. Contact us today to request a free consultation!

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