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A business owner in Pasadena, CA, called Pioneers Heating and Air to replace their old HVAC unit. The unit could not provide the most energy-efficient cooling possible in their two-story building. Moreover, its maintenance costs were too high for the owner to bear. So we helped them find a packaged unit that provided efficient, long-lasting results and was easy to install. We recommended an American Standard packaged unit ideal for light commercial use. It was built to withstand frequent use, thus, ensuring a long-lasting installation. We scheduled the HVAC installation after three business days. The client was happy with their new control system, which is more reliable and could provide efficient cooling throughout their building. Another successful project completed by Pioneers Heating and Air!

Like this business owner, you might have an air conditioning system you want to replace. Like packaged air conditioners for home use, commercial air conditioning systems were initially not very diverse. As a result, many small to mid-sized businesses had to use what was available then. Thankfully, the HVAC market has changed through the years. Business owners now have several options for cooling their commercial properties. Packaged units are one of those options.

What Is a Packaged Commercial Unit?

There are two popular air conditioning system options for cooling commercial properties. These are the rooftop unit (RTU) and the packaged unit. 

A rooftop unit is a great choice for businesses that want to save space on their property. By installing the unit on the roof, businesses can take advantage of easier access and reduce harm from damage. RTUs typically contain all the cooling components inside them and connect directly to the ductwork of a building.

Packaged units are similar to rooftop units in that they are installed on the business’s roof space. However, these units combine both a heating and cooling system into one. That gives you more options for controlling the temperature on your premises. 

Types of Packaged HVAC Systems

There are different types of commercially packaged HVAC systems. You can choose the right HVAC system for your property by defining your budget and identifying home features. Considering the climate and maintenance requirements are also a few things you need to think about. Some common types of packaged units include:

  • Hybrid cooling/heating units
  • Air conditioners
  • Gas furnace/air conditioner
  • Heat pumps


What Are the Rewards of a Packaged HVAC System?

It saves space: A packaged system is an excellent option for businesses that are short on space or want to free up some of their square footage. The entire unit is placed outside, saving space inside your building.

It is energy efficient:  A packaged system is more energy-efficient the higher its Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rating. This functionality benefits both the environment and your wallet. For example, an air conditioner must have a minimum specified SEER of 14.

It operates quietly: You can enjoy a calmer indoor environment because all the air processing takes place outside your building.

It is economical: Since all components are contained together, installing a packaged system typically costs less than installing a regular system. In addition, the installation process requires less labor, which speeds up the startup process.

It is easy to access: Technicians will have simple access to your centralized outdoor system when maintenance is required. This benefit can result in lower labor expenditures and service costs for you.

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Choosing the right commercial HVAC system for a business is not a petty thing you should take lightly. This decision requires a deep knowledge of the local climate, building design, and the demands of your business itself. Thus, it is always best to consult with professional HVAC companies in Pasadena, CA; that is us at Pioneers Heating and Air. We can help you select the right unit for your business and provide installation and maintenance services. Our HVAC experts can also help you troubleshoot any problems with your unit and even provide you with replacement parts and accessories. Call us at (626) 217-0559 to schedule a consultation.

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