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A business establishment in San Marino, CA, had a problem with their air conditioning and turned to Pioneers Heating and Air for help. Their unit had weak airflow, and the cooling system sometimes shut down or failed to start. Upon checking, we traced the problem to an overheating blower fan past its service life. After discussion, the client agreed to replace the blower fan with a new one. We chose a model that would not require as much work to align with the current unit. We also ensured the new blower fan met the client’s warranty requirements. However, the replacement part was out of stock, so we had to place an order from our supplier. Two days later, we came back to repair the unit. Thanks to this timely air conditioning repair, their unit was ready for the next scorching summer season.

When temperatures rise in California, a failing HVAC system is the last thing anyone wants to deal with. However, should problems arise, you must act quickly and devise a plan for identifying and fixing the problem’s source. Fixing it as soon as possible is imperative. Take the blower motor, a crucial component of your air conditioner, as an example. It needs to be in excellent condition to maintain your building’s comfort level and air quality. Here are some symptoms indicating an issue with the motor and the steps you can take to fix it.

What Is a Blower Motor?

A blower motor is the component of your air conditioning system that pushes air through your furnace and ductwork. It takes the conditioned air your HVAC system produces and distributes it across your family’s local zone. Its spinning blades spin at different speeds as the resistor directs, ensuring that air is distributed evenly and reaches all areas of your building.

There are two kinds of AC blower motors: single-speed and variable-speed. Single-speed motors work on either the continuous or on/off setting, so the air always blows at one speed, regardless of the thermostat’s settings. Variable-speed motors vary their operating speeds based on room temperature and, as a result, are more energy efficient.

Signs An AC Blower Motor Needs Replacement

Weak Airflow

An indicating sign that you have a faulty blower motor is when the flow from your air conditioner or heater begins to slow down. A buildup of dust and debris inside the machine is probably the reason for the poor airflow. Suppose that is the case; it will be difficult for the motor to push air through the ducts. However, it may also be because of a bad capacitor or signs that it is soon going to fail. Either way, it is best to call for an HVAC repair company before it gets worse. These experts can identify any present issues right the first time. From there, they can thoroughly clean out vents and repair the faulty AC fan motor, restoring your unit to its optimal state.

Lack of Airflow

No airflow means there could be a problem with the blower motor. The issue is likely related to an electrical disconnection between the fan and its power source. However, this can also indicate a faulty relay or battery, which must be replaced. The best way to determine its cause is to have a heating and cooling specialist inspect your system.

Banging Noises

When HVAC systems make loud banging noises, it normally indicates a problem with a loose part in the machine. For example, loud squealing or screeching sounds mean the belt on the motor has either broken or come loose. To fix this, you should replace the belt. In addition, loose motors have bearings that are either damaged or completely missing their bearings. Again, you can fix this by lubricating or replacing those bearings entirely.


Blower motors are usually wrapped in a protective coating. However, this protective layer can deteriorate over time, leading to a higher risk of overheating. Furthermore, blower motor failures are often caused by grime, dust, or lint buildup around the fan blades and vents. The first sign of trouble is often a burning smell coming from the vents. When this happens, immediately check all your vents for dirt accumulation and call an HVAC professional for a quick fix.

Air Conditioner Repair Near Me

Do you need to get your air conditioner fixed? Then, you have come to the right place! Pioneers Heating and Air is a BBB-rated HVAC company specializing in AC blower motor repair and part replacement. Whether your AC unit is intermittently working or probably not in any way, we can help get it up and running again fast and for a great price. We also offer a full range of services, including annual tune-ups and emergency services. So do not go for another day struggling with your HVAC system — call us at (626) 217-0559 today!

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