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A warehouse manager in Pasadena, CA, called Pioneers Heating and Air for an annual maintenance service, and we gladly obliged. We got a schedule worked out and sent over an HVAC expert to look at what needed repairs. Upon checking, the unit was running at full capacity, and temperatures were steady throughout the storage area. All components seemed functional at first. However, the final inspection revealed accumulated corrosion in the main disconnect switch. So the team got to work, ultimately replacing the box with a new non-fusible disconnect switch. We fixed everything in just a few hours. We are proud to have completed the air conditioning repair on time and within budget!

It is not always easy for commercial property managers to take care of their AC units. Because they run off electricity, any minor issue can quickly become and cause serious trouble. That is why regular maintenance is key. That would include diagnostic screenings and other treatments to keep them running smoothly. The disconnect switch is one of the most important areas to focus on during HVAC maintenance procedures.

What Is a Disconnect Switch?

Working with electricity can be dangerous and complicated. For example, when repairing or diagnosing AC units, the technician may need to cut power to the unit. For safety, a disconnect switch (or disconnect box) ensures the circuit is completely cut off.

Disconnect switches are installed on AC units as a precautionary measure. They are designed to shut off power to the unit in an emergency, preventing damage or injury. The disconnect must be visible from the AC unit. This way, anyone who does not know that the unit is being worked on cannot accidentally turn on the power and cause damage or injury.

Every AC condensing unit requires a disconnect switch. Unfortunately, some older houses and commercial properties do not have disconnect switches. If your unit does not have an AC disconnect switch, Pioneers Heating and Air can do the installation for you.

Why Do You Need a Disconnect Switch?

It is part of the electrical code

The NEC determines the effective and safe use of electronics and other devices in business. For example, the electrical code set by the NEC requires that businesses install and use disconnect switches. Employees must clearly label them as a safety feature (and not a way to reboot the breaker). It makes it the law of the land — even though most people do not think about it.

It protects your HVAC unit

Disconnect switches protect your HVAC equipment from short circuits, surges, and other occurrences that could harm or even destroy it. Furthermore, electrical incidents can cost you thousands on replacement parts and repairs. That makes installing a disconnect switch an obvious smart investment.

It promotes personnel safety

Promoting employee safety is a company’s responsibility. Disconnect switches are used in industrial and commercial settings because they provide the safety that employees need. Furthermore, they are designed to avoid serious health risks and work-related injuries caused by electrical accidents. Thus, reducing the additional expenses incurred by the company.

Heating and Air Service Near Me

When it comes to your business space, comfort is key. Pioneers Heating and Air is a trusted name in Pasadena, CA that provides expert HVAC services for you. We offer a full suite of services, including AC repair, disconnect switch replacement, and more. We commit to providing our valued clients with the best possible service and are always here to help. So whether heating your office in the winter or cooling it down in the summer, your comfort is paramount. Contact us at (626) 217-0559 today to schedule a consultation.

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