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Pioneers Heating and Air got a call from a concerned homeowner from Los Angeles, CA, who noticed a burning smell coming from the vents for some time. Their AC unit even completely shut down once. Upon inspection, our HVAC technician discovered the blower fan motor was overheating. It was too old and worn out, so we recommended a blower fan motor replacement to prevent further damage and electrical hazards. We immediately ordered the replacement part and had it installed within a week. The homeowner was relieved that everything was back to normal.

The blower fan is one of the essential components of your air conditioner. It is responsible for blowing the conditioned air through your home’s ductwork and circulating it throughout your indoor space. Ignoring your blower fan can result in a variety of issues. If the blower fan is not working as it should, it can significantly impact your home’s comfort and air quality.

Why Will My AC Blower Not Start?

There are some possible causes for your AC blower not starting. The most common culprit is a tripped or blown circuit breaker. It usually happens when the AC unit is overloaded or has a wiring issue. Another potential reason is that the capacitor, which is needed to start the motor, is damaged or defective. If you are unsure what is causing your AC blower to fail, an HVAC technician from Pioneers Heating and Air can provide professional assistance.

If your air conditioner’s blower refuses to start, try the following solutions:

  •  Check the unit’s power supply to ensure it is turned on and that no circuit ­breakers have tripped
  •  Examine the blower motor for signs of damage or debris that prevent it from starting.
  •  Inspect the fan blades to ensure they are not damaged or bent and can rotate freely.
  •  Remove any debris from the area around the AC system’s outdoor unit.

Common Signs That Your Air Conditioner Blower Fan Needs to Be Replaced

If your air conditioner’s blower fan motor is giving you trouble, it is time to replace it. Here are some indications that you need a blower fan replacement.

Noisy Operation

Squealing or screeching noises, for example, may indicate that the blower motor has a broken belt or bearing issues. On the other hand, if the motor makes rattling, clanking, or banging sounds, it could be due to a loose or damaged component. Loud banging noises are particularly concerning. Such noises are usually an indication that something is broken or disconnected. Whatever strange sounds your blower motor makes, contact a trained technician to determine whether a repair or replacement is preferable.

Reduced Airflow

Reduced airflow can indicate that your blower fan motor struggles to push enough air through the ducts to reach the desired temperature. Dirt and dust buildup, a bad capacitor, and an aging motor can cause reduced airflow. If your blower motor is dirty or has a bad capacitor, you can have it repaired by an HVAC technician. But if your motor is nearing the end of its useful life, you should begin looking for a replacement.

High Energy Bills

The blower motor is the most energy-intensive component of your HVAC system. If you notice a significant increase in your utility bills, this could be the cause. If your air conditioner is well past its prime or is powered by a single-speed blower motor, consider upgrading to a smart variable-speed model. Such blower motors adjust energy consumption to meet a home’s varying cooling needs. If you decide to upgrade, you will surely be surprised and grateful by the result of decreased energy waste.

Air Conditioning Repair Near Me

Pioneers Heating and Air is a trusted name in the HVAC industry, and we are here to help you with all your heating and cooling needs. Our team of highly trained and experienced professionals provides top-of-the-line HVAC services to keep your home or office comfortable all year long. From blower fan motor replacement to complete AC maintenance, we are equipped to handle any repair or service you may need. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!



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