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Air Conditioning Repair Altadena, CA

Air Conditioning Repair Altadena, CA

Project Description

A client in Altadena, CA, called Pioneers Heating and Air for air conditioning repair. Their A/C unit did not turn on immediately to a thermostat change, and when it did, the airflow felt weak. After running diagnostics on the indoor and outdoor units and testing the airflow, our HVAC technician found that the evaporator coil was leaking. We replaced the evaporator coil, recovered the remaining refrigerant gas, and got the ball rolling on system monitoring and maintenance. With the new coil installed, the client is now enjoying the maximum performance from their HVAC system.

The evaporator coil is one major component of a home cooling system. It helps maintain a comfortable temperature inside homes by keeping the air cool and removing excess moisture from the air or any debris pushed into the air ducts. Unfortunately, because evaporator coils are so extensively used, their internal coils will deteriorate eventually. Your air conditioner would be in serious trouble if these coils become damaged, so it is essential to know as much as possible about failing evaporator coils.

What causes an evaporator coil to leak?

Evaporator coil leak is widespread in older air conditioners and happens when A/C vibrations cause the aluminum fins to rub a hole in the copper tubing over time. When the leak is caused by a hole (or holes) in the copper tubing, replacing the entire coil is the only option, as it is impossible to repair the coil without damaging it or compromising its performance. Furthermore, newer systems employing R-410A refrigerant gas are prone to "formicary corrosion" resulting from leftover organic chemicals, water, and oxygen. If the coil is uncoated copper or not an aluminum coil, this will result in pinholes.

What are the symptoms of a leaking evaporator coil?

Overflowing drip pan

A drip pan is built into your air conditioner to collect regular condensation. Your drip pan overflowing could indicate a problem with your air conditioner. Condensation can form on the evaporator coils, causing the pan to overflow. This aftereffect could be the result of a coil leak.

Longer cooling time

If your air conditioner has sufficient refrigerant, it should be able to cool a moderate, four-bedroom home within a few hours (about three hours on average). If your A/C takes a long time to cool your home, there could be a problem with the refrigerant level. Insufficient refrigerant levels can lead to the A/C running for an extended time before achieving a comfortable temperature.

Weak or no airflow

If you turn on your A/C or reduce the thermostat temperature, it should start cooling your home immediately and continue until the new settings are set. You may have a refrigerant leak if the airflow is poor or the AC unit does not respond quickly to a thermostat change.

Warm airflow

Warm air coming out of vents is an indicator of an evaporator leak. Your air conditioner cannot effectively cool your home if it does not have sufficient refrigerant. If warm air is pouring through your vents despite the thermostat being set to a frigid setting, the A/C may be low on refrigerant due to leaks.

Other signs of evaporator coil leak

Hissing noises from your outdoor unit, frozen evaporator coils, smells coming from your HVAC unit, and puddles of liquid around your unit are all indications that you may have leaky evaporator coils.

HVAC Repair Near Me

Need to address faulty air conditioning but do not know where to start? Our HVAC technicians at Pioneers Heating and Air are here for you. We provide complete air conditioning repair and maintenance services to homes and small businesses in San Gabriel Valley, including South Pasadena.  If you have an air conditioning system that is not running at full capacity or if your unit is not working at all, give us a call today at (626)217-0559 or send us an email.


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