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An Altadena, CA, client had no idea why their air conditioner stopped working. So they called Pioneers Heating and Air to request a service call since the thermostat was acting strangely. When our team arrived, we checked and were able to diagnose the problem in just a few minutes. The condensate pan’s float switch had tripped, causing their AC unit to shut off. That indicated a clog had caused the primary condensate drain to stop working. We flushed the main condensate drain to loosen whatever was blocking it. After removing the obstruction, which was made up of debris and algae, we reset the float switch on the secondary drain pan. Finally, resetting the switch made the system turn back on. We monitored the primary drain to ensure it was draining while running before concluding the air conditioning repair. The homeowner could not imagine the hassle that could bring if it were not for our reliable team.

It is not easy to understand the ins and outs of your air conditioning system, especially when you own a unit that has been in place for quite some time. With Pioneers Heating and Air’s long experience in HVAC service, we have seen our fair share of client queries. How do I care for my unit? What causes it to malfunction, and what can I do to prevent it? The best way to get answers is by educating yourself.

While you may not have heard of the AC float switch before, it is something that you should be familiar with. Although many other HVAC components play a critical role in keeping the harmonious work of the entire system, the AC float switch is one piece of hardware that cannot be overlooked. We will discuss what the AC float switch does below, so keep reading to find out more.

What Is an AC Float Switch?

Every once in a while, the drain pipes of your AC unit can become clogged with dirt and debris, eventually preventing the water from being removed. Because HVAC units can collect up to 20 gallons of condensed water daily, you can imagine the damage that could be caused by obstructed water drainage.

The AC float switch is an electronic water sensor for your HVAC system. It is a fix for over-flow that the drainpipe cannot handle to protect your unit from being short-circuited by water damage. It trips or floats when the water level in the pan comes above a certain point. Like in our client’s case, the float switch sent a message to the air conditioner, which turned off and stopped running. That gave them ample time to find and fix the problem before it got out of hand.

Where in the Air Handler Is the Float Switch?

The orientation of a heating and air conditioning system affects the position of a float switch. For example, a horizontal HVAC unit will have its float switch in the secondary drain pan. On the other hand, vertical units will instead have their switch on the drainpipe.

We must stress that the AC float switch is not included in most air conditioning units. However, you can purchase and easily install one in any new or pre-existing unit. Trust us when we say the extra cost is worth it compared to water damage estimates from a faulty AC unit.

Why Install Your AC With a Float Switch?

Below are the reasons for installing your AC with a float switch and how you can benefit from it.

It alerts you when your AC needs repair. 

Your air conditioner will shut off automatically when the AC float switch is activated. That usually indicates that there is a problem that needs to be fixed. Calling a professional to look at the drainage issue will likely solve the problem so you can enjoy your AC again.

It prevents water damage in your home.

Your AC unit needs a float switch to prevent water damage. Without a float switch, your home and furniture are at risk of serious water damage. The float switch will turn off your AC unit before an overflow or leakage occurs, even when you are not home.

It helps maintain the quality of your home’s indoor air.

There is a safety switch that can help to minimize the growth of mold inside your AC unit. Overflow from the AC drain pipe can cause water to spill inside the unit, encouraging mold growth. These organisms release indoor air pollutants that can cause several health issues.

AC Repair Near Me

At Pioneers Heating and Air, we understand that keeping your system running smoothly is one of the most important aspects of your home’s heating and air conditioning. We provide full-length professional HVAC service — covering everything from diagnosing the problem to fixing it. Whether you need heating or AC repair, our team is here to help. So if you live in Pasadena, CA, or the surrounding areas, look no further than Pioneers Heating and Air. Call us today for all your HVAC needs!

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