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Pioneers Heating and Air was entrusted with A/C deep cleaning service in a San Marino, CA home. Unfortunately, years of neglect had caused a thick layer of dust and debris to accumulate on the condenser coils. That reduced the system's cooling performance and raised its energy consumption. So our team instantly set to work, performing a delicate yet thorough cleaning of the coils. We handled the thorough cleaning process with precision and care, using specialized equipment and materials to ensure optimal results. After two hours of intensive labor, we ran a series of tests to check if the job was done correctly — and it was! We were happy to confirm that the homeowner's A/C unit was brought back to its peak state again!

Are your monthly energy bills increasing, yet your home does not get any cooler? If this is the case, chances are that your air conditioning condenser coils need a deep cleaning service. When dust and pollen build up on the A/C coil, it obstructs the airflow, decreasing the unit's efficiency and cranking up your energy costs. As we move through the summer months with temperatures rising and the need for air conditioning growing, the importance of this AC maintenance service can not be overstated.

What is Condenser Coil Deep Cleaning?

Have you noticed your air conditioning system running more inefficiently than before? It could be due to the buildup of dirt, dust, and debris on the condenser coil. When it happens, that is when deep cleaning is due! It is done to get rid of the filth and restore your unit's efficiency. The process involves using a specialized chemical cleaner to dissolve dirt, dust, and other debris piled on the coils. Then, using high-pressure hoses, it blasts away all the residue. 

Removing these contaminants from the coils improves airflow and increases your system's efficiency. With a deep clean, you maintain optimal temperatures while ensuring that your HVAC system is working properly and not wasting any energy. Plus, with this service, you can save money on utility bills and extend the life of your AC unit. Deep-cleaning condenser coils help to keep your system running at its best. So why wait? Get those coils cleaned now and reap the rewards!

The Process of Condenser Coil Deep Cleaning

So to get your equipment up and running, the process begins with carefully inspecting the unit. Next, brushing and spraying with a non-toxic detergent removes any stubborn grime that may have accumulated on the coils. Then to ensure all the dirt and debris have been completely removed, these coils are rinsed with high-pressure water jets. Once finished, the coils are dried and meticulously checked for any remaining blocks or grooves that may impede airflow. Lastly, the outer casing is replaced, and power to the unit is restored.

Cleaning Solutions and Techniques for Condenser Coils

You can use a few techniques to get your coils nice and clean. One approach is static pressure cleaning. It utilizes a foam cleaning solution applied with low pressure, which helps clean large sections of the coil quickly and efficiently. Chemical treatment solutions are also available to help loosen tougher buildups on the coils while reducing energy consumption in your system.

For optimal results, try air-blowing or air-wiping, where compressed air is sent through the coil to remove dirt and dust. This method is best for removing light, dry debris from the surface of the coils. And in cases where deep cleaning is a must, feel free to give pressurized water blasting a shot! It is the perfect tool for both light and heavy-duty cleaning jobs. 

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Do rising energy costs and poor indoor air quality surprise you? At Pioneers Heating and Air, we provide the highest quality HVAC services in San Marino, CA. Our BBB-rated technicians deliver fast and reliable HVAC maintenance, installation, repairs, and deep cleaning services for air conditioning and heating systems. We understand your system needs to run optimally and guarantee our work will exceed your expectations. Contact us today to ask for free estimates and discount coupons for our air conditioner repairs and other services.


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