AC Capacitor Replacement Los Angeles

AC Capacitor Replacement Los Angeles

Project Description

This client in Los Angeles, CA, called us at Pioneers Heating and Air because their HVAC system was having some start-up issues. The compressor unit outside their home suddenly stopped running one morning. Instead, it made a series of loud humming noises in an attempt to start, but failed to do so. When the AC unit finally turned on, it blew warm air. One of our technicians arrived at their house that same day to diagnose the issue. We looked for the source of the problem by checking the interior of the condensing unit and testing the AC capacitor using a multimeter. It turned out that the system's circuitry overheated due to extremely high outdoor temperatures. Thus, resulting in an AC capacitor failure. We replaced the bad capacitor and tested the AC unit. Finally, it turned on within the next two to three minutes. The AC capacitor replacement service was complete. That was quick and easy!

Maybe you have seen it. What looks like a perfectly lovely air conditioner suddenly starts showing odd signs of electrical anomalies. It probably would have turned on, but warm air was coming out of it. These problems are usually due to one thing—a bad capacitor symptom. Bad capacitors cause systems to malfunction and blow warm air. It is something that can be especially annoying during the summer when you are expecting a cool breeze. Our Pioneers Heating and Air installers have done many capacitor-related jobs. That said, you are assured that we know what to look for when servicing this component.

What Is an AC Capacitor and How Does It Work?

An AC capacitor acts as a shock absorber for an air conditioning system, delivering power to the motor that drives your indoor cooling unit. When you flip on a switch, the capacitor supplies initial energy to kick start the cycle and then continues providing continuous electricity until the completion of the cycle.

After the initial power burst (between 300 and 500% of the normal electrical amount required by the system), your system will pull its usual electrical amount. Then, as it speeds up and uses more energy, the capacitor takes over to supply an even level of power during cooling cycles. 

Would you believe that it happens automatically? Thanks to an electronic circuit and a mechanical valve called a pulse-width modulator. It turns the compressor on and off as needed. As a result, your air conditioning system is much more efficient — and therefore quieter and cheaper to run than before.

What Causes an AC Capacitor to Go Bad?

There could be several reasons for AC capacitor malfunction. These include power surges, very high outdoor temperatures, repeated contact with water, an electrical short in the circuit board, worn insulation on the wires, and general wear-and-tear.

Bad AC capacitor symptoms often indicate a greater problem with your cooling system. For example, a broken or damaged capacitor can cause issues alongside, including an inefficient charging system, increased wear on the circuit, and more frequent breakdowns. Whatever it is, you need to address them immediately.

What Are the Common Symptoms of a Bad AC Capacitor?

AC capacitor symptoms are like warning signs on a highway. The longer you ignore them, the more severe the problem becomes. Call us at Pioneers Heating and Air the moment you notice these bad AC capacitor symptoms:

  • A burning smell or smoke coming from the external air conditioning parts
  • The sound of your air conditioner humming
  • When you switch on your air conditioner, it takes some time for the cooling cycle to begin
  • The air conditioning system intermittently stops working
  • While the air conditioner is running, no cold air is blown into your house
  • Your energy expenses have increased for no apparent reason

    Air Conditioner Repair Near Me

    Have you ever had to replace your AC capacitor? We at Pioneers Heating and Air are backed by a team committed to delivering total value to your home. From emergency AC repair to routine servicing, our professionally-trained technicians can handle all your air conditioning needs. We are a licensed, bonded, and insured air conditioner repair company in the Pasadena, CA, area. So if you need a capacitor for the air conditioner at your home or office, we are the company to call. Reach us today at (626) 217-0559 for professional air conditioning service.


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